After my first buy order in Bisq – Top!

Here my experience: Yesterday i placed an order in Bisq: At 9.30am i placed the buy order with a wrong Swift code. My failure.. (Swift instant instead of swift, i didn't knew the difference). After work at 6.30 pm i noticed it.

Direct after i created a new buy order with the correct settings, 15 min later i had a new seller. 5 min after accepting the trade, Bisq opened a transaction on blockchain. Both of us had to send security deposit, which was confirmed in minutes. Then i had to send the Fiat to the private account of my trade partner. Nearly 20h later i recieved my bitcoins!

I payed 1% under the mean value of BTC of yesterday

Fees: Maker; 26 Satoshis Taker; 72 satoshis

Worked really nice!!

edit: i bought 51.1€ / 0.008 BTC

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