Bisq: Open source, multi platform, P2P (i.e. decentralized) tor-based crypto exchange

Centralized crypto exchanges (coinbase et al.) are obviously at odds with the general philosophy of cryptocurrency. They've been extremely useful as a temporary measure to allow people to get involved, but allowing companies to have control over your private keys for any amount of time is not useful in the long term. I found bisq today and it seems like an ideal alternative, so I thought I'd try to spread the word.

The title of this post pretty much sums ot up, but it's a well deisgned open source desktop client for buying and selling any coins directly between people, with independent anonymous arbitrators. You can store and encrypt all of your wallets locally, and your coin/identity/IP is never stored on any centralized server.

I thought this was all pretty impressive, and it seems to me to be the best path forward in terms of long term usage, storage, and freedom of control over your money.

here is a link to their website for more info

Thanks for reading/ what do you all think about this?

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