Every time i use the legacy bank system i get reminded why Bitcoin is amazing

Having to go to the bank to send a wire and driving through traffic Having to fill out papers Having to answer questions why I am sending money and where it came from Having to pay $20 to send my money Being charged 3% for currency exchange Having to wait 3-5 business days for money to arrive

That's in Canada. In other places like Malaysia the bank systems are even more archaic.

Having to pay to get bank statements older than 3 months Having to wait 2 weeks to receive them (really!) Having to go to the branch to get most things done

Bitcoin removes all of these annoyances. If anyone asks why Bitcoin is worth anything… replacing these old, slow and inefficient banking systems with Bitcoin/LN is a huge improvement and worth a lot to society.

And I've barely scraped the surface of what it is changing for the world's unbanked and other use cases where current banks are annoyingly archaic.

When do you get annoyed at banks and how is Bitcoin going to change that for you?

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