There Is Good in the World – You Just Need to See It

Sometimes it’s tough either going online and looking at your social feeds, or watching the news on TV, or picking up a newspaper.

Wars. Hate. Bigotry. Violence. Divisiveness. Fear. Anger.

There’s a lot of negativity, and a lot of people stoking the flames of that negativity.

So rampant is it, you’d be forgiven for thinking there are no more good people in the world. Or, fewer than there was when you were younger.

But you’d be wrong.

There is good. There is love. There is caring. There is all this and more – we just have to find it.

Then share it.

Then live it.

Do that, and we counter the hate and the fear with love and compassion.

That’s the world that’s truly out there. We just have to help it reach more eyes (click to expand images).

To the good people.

images: Postize

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