Tone Vays must get off youTube

Tone Vays was a school teacher that had a very short career in the financial field. He uses a very common numerical indicator that he has modified a tiny bit and now claims it is his now. tone will bash every crypto project as a scam but is doing the exact same thing as every other crypto project in the space. Making a miner change and claiming to reinvent the wheel.

Tone Vays likes to go the other way. If the masses say up, he says down. If the masses say black, he says white. And on the odd occasion that he is right… he taps his own back so hard that he risks breaking his arm.

Tone is an anti social idiot that is trying to make a name for himself in the space. Thats all. He is socially awkward and makes me feel uncomfortable the way he talks to Lea Wald.

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