You can now vote on stores that accept lightning at (1 satoshi = 1 vote).

This option to upvote/downvote has just been added:

The git repository ( is still going to be important, as the server fetches new information from this repository automatically every 10 minutes.

The payments are being proccessed by strike ( for now, their node is well connect, you probably already have some outward capacity to it:


Let me know if you have any suggestions! Things that have been suggested before are:

Changing the votes to star votes (1 to 5 stars). Allow for people to comment Have paid tags for each store Sort stores by trending score

Also looking for people to help maintain the repository (write access can be given).

EDIT: For those that are still seeing the old website, access direcly with the IP:

EDIT2: You can see the split scores of a store when you click on its score:

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