A Reminder That Bitcoin Will Always Be Here

Bitcoin will be here when you die, when you sell, when you buy. The network will live on for you, your children, your children’s children.

It doesn’t matter if the price is $5, $20, $900, $500, $50,000, $10,000, Bitcoin lives on.

Quantum computers? It needs 1500 quantum bits to BARELY affect it. We barely have one that works and it’s only at 50 quantum bits, and sure, they can spend trillions of dollars to even TRY to hurt the Blockchain Network, and we can EASILY just fork it to where it was. Also, a reminder that quantum bits use sodium ions that goes away right after it’s used for ONE calculation, not even going to mention how almost impossible it is to stop the noise of that calculation or the necessity to keep a quantum computer at near 0 degrees when there’s 1500 quantum bits. Also, Bitcoin can have quantum proof algorithms.

Look at all the progress we’ve accomplished this year alone. This is just a beginning.

There are people in EVERY COUNTRY in the world who owns Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. And this can only grow. Bitcoin is too big to fail. With you, or without you.

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