Andreas Antonopoulos absolutely Butchers Linux’s Origin Story

Measuring Success: Price or Principle [11:35]

For what it's worth:

Linus Torvalds just wrote another proprietary piece of software until it was released under GPL 0.12 Richard Stallman spearheaded the free software movement that all those open ideals are based on that AA is talking about. GPL wouldn't exist without RMS GNU is the OS that you are running. Linux is a Kernel Linux the kernel wouldn't exist without gcc

I get that the free software movement hasn't been the most sexy sell, but I would have expected more from AA.

tl;dr: Explaining Linux's (the OS) origin story without mentioning GNU/RMS/The Free Software Movement (free as in freedom, not free beer) is to tread on all the ideals that made it happen in the first place.

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