Decentralized custody, Cryptocurrency banknotes, Opendime, etc. in ULTIMATE GUIDE “WHERE TO HODL YOUR CRYPTOCURRENCIES”

Hi, everyone! I've wrote an 20 page article, in which I've described every way how cryptocurrencies can be stored (including Cryptocurrency banknotes, Decentralized Custody, Opendime, etc.).


Hot storage

1) Web-services

Online-wallets Cryptocurrency exchange wallets2) Software wallets Mobile wallets Desktop wallets3) Personal blockchain

Cold storage

Paper wallets Wallets on removable devices Physical cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrency banknotes Opendime (credit sticks) Decentralized exchange wallets Web-interface to a wallet (MyEtherWallet) Brain wallet Hardware wallets Deep cold storage Sharded custody (Decentralized custody)

Hope you find it useful.

If you find something wrong in it – let me know, I'll fix it.

Thank you!

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