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While I am a nocoiner, I have grown to appreciate the opportunities that bitcoin gives people. I used to work at Walmart, I was a customer service manager for about 19 months. I oversaw the money center and had to know all the policies and procedures regarding transfers. So many times people would come in and want to send money and would then complain about the fees.

In the states it was $4 for <$49.99 and $8 for >$50. So many times people would complain that it was over 10% more in fees for just sending $50. When it came to sending out of the country it was a crapshoot for exchange rates and fees. Also, sometime around February, we became unable to send or receive money from China. I always thought to myself how much easier it would be if people just transferred money using bitcoin. With lightning becoming stronger day by day, it would be so much cheaper for people to just use bitcoin.

I’m not really behind bitcoin as a store of value just yet, but it really is an amazing currency.

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