My Story With A Smug Bubble Caller

When bitcoin was ~300, he said it'll never work, it's going to 0.

When bitcoin hit 1k, he said it'll happen exactly like it did in 2014 and it'll go back down to the hundreds.

When bitcoin hit 2-4k, he said it was "overvalued" and the bubble was going to burst.

When bitcoin hit 10k+, he was starting to doubt himself. You had to look into his eyes. It consumed him. It ate him up from the inside. He just kept saying over and over again, that the bubble was going to burst.

Now that bitcoin is ~6k. He's ecstatic. I've never seen him this happy. He's probably feeling like a genius and telling anyone who would listen, "I told you so :)".

I suppose in the end he was "right".

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