Bitcoin could get yet another price jump as tech giants Apple, Google, and Amazon’s continue to sell off and valuations adjust downward 20% in the coming weeks .

The going bear market in the traditional stock exchange continues to play-out. Making out the weakest corporations first, and then advancing on to the stronger companies. We envisioned Netflix drop, and then Facebook plunge. What's next? The packed business will be the last to rectify. Corporate earning are still good, but the smart money knows when to recognise a top. P/ E rations will simply have to come down, and world markets detonator of these behemoths will lurch. It's safe to say that a total disintegrate is highly unlikely due to fundamentals, and strength in the economy, but a 20% pullback in top tech assets is famous.

With the Cryptographic assets have so far been know this correction, smart investors selling companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple in the coming weeks is to be able to turning to Bitcoin as a better alternative.

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