Hi \r\Bitcoin, I need a piece of advice from you about my hodling strategy

I only want to ask for your opinions about my hope of selling/ regarding some of my BTC.

I had just dismissed my BTC portfolio until last year where reference is went up to 7k. I may have sold some at 7k( I was being mesmerized after counting them in $), but it made time to retrieve them from some obscured and hard to access home, it is therefore came close to 19 k when I managed to sell, and I sold 20% of them close to the highest value.

My( noob) project was to sell 20% hunks at 19 k, and eventually at 49 k, 89 k and hodl 40% forever. The first selling was successful, I employed the$ in stocks, but I am not sure about the respite, as I have no evidences regarding the BTC dynamics and really want to ask you guys what do you think of my design? Should I sell more, nurse more, give other appraises? As a citation, if I get to sell 20% more at 49 k, I am practically financially set for life.

My justifies if this pole may be against some rules( not to ask about “what to do” etc .)

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