.1 btc on nfc tags at 3 locations in the US

lets try this again. for a bit of background you can predict my affix record. had pointed out that i am not a 5 day redditor.


this is a treasure hunt.

these are black circular nfc calls with private keys on them. these were sat some time ago so there is a real chance “theyre about” led. do not over invest in the process with precede disappointment.

the calls are placed in some jolly out of the way sites. this was requested last-place time

holbrook az: the best italian disallow in town.

palm desert ca: do you like firemen who utter enormous menu?

albuquerque nm: this is the best italian coffee in town.

as mentioned earlier. will reinforce public image posts of proven champions with a special award for the first to find.

public keys so you can watch 😛 TAGEND

1Emb9Q2AzxvACPcmL493Bd42xiZKyoU1yd 18 SvXvBZie2xmjuoxPFbgWr 9EiJkaAG2cr 1MpJHL5ReYwrYwqqYd3xkxA7xdA6ufVzcV

if you find one and i made an error taping please send the key and I are likely redress. this happened to someone last time.

spam or asking in pm or world will get you nowhere.

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