My Bitcoin Story

So I just wanted to tell you guys a bit about my intro in cryptocurrency. I get interested in the way high-pitched of December 2017, like most fiat normies. So I bought into an initial high-priced of $16,000, using up all my savings for about 0.55 btc. You can imagine my initial dejection in the following months. I got into crypto so belatedly because I had not heard of it due to me ever analyzing and not doing much else. But I started reading and researching about it, why we need it, and about blockchain in general; I even schooled myself certain technical analysis. I am perfectly commited to the project now and I am working full meter now and devoting all I can for more bitcoin. I will one day have a full bitcoin, this project is the next great technological and business step, dont dispense with chaps. We have the chance of being a part of something immense. Remember everyone, HODL!

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