Simple Program to accept BITCOIN and other crypto payments

Hello tribes,

I would like to share with you one of my job,

it's a Python script to accept cryptocurrencies payment for website owner.

The program is very simple, It basically stand the website owner to procreates DEPOSIT purses for Useds or CLIENTS, and save them into a DATABASE.

It works with all the coppers that use a BITCOIN core clone wallet client. The system written is based on CLAM coin.

I'm going to add new systems to this repository, to control transactions to sizzling wallet, and to allow withdrawals to USERS or CLIENTS EXTERNAL WALLETS.

You necessitate a regional wallet installed an sync on your computer or on the server. It applies subprocess library to ask, and execture che -cli WALLET CONSOLE commands.

Here the repository on github 😛 TAGEND

https :// digital-mine/ Cryptocurrencies_website_payment

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