P2P Exchange Bisq: “It Doesn’t Get More Decentralized Than This”

With a recent tide in so-called decentralized cryptocurrency exchange scaffolds, peer-to-peer( P2P) exchange stage Bisq appears to be one of the very little to try serious decentralization.

Once the preferred technique of exchange, P2P volume has precipitated over its first year but with increasing privacy and safety challenges on centralized exchanges, some like Bisq interpret a rebirth in the notion of direct exchange via P2P.

Felix Moreno is one of merely a few individuals who work on the decentralized P2P exchange platform Bisq honestly. Most people working on it voluntary their services anonymously and free of charge. Why? Because, as Moreno told Bitcoin News, it is the ”holy grail” of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitcoin News caught up with Moreno to discuss the logistics of leading a virtually wholly decentralized exchange, why they will have to fight tooth and nail to keep it that way, and why know-your-customer( KYC) regulations are certainly simply a nature for the federal government has get into your pockets.

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