Mine Bitcoin in the land of Ghengis Khan for only $70 per month.

Hi guys

We are a new startup in Mongolia working to develop blockchain technology.

We run a blockchain news and educational website in Mongolian, also provide introductory blockchain courses at local universities through one time events and workshops, and we operate a miner hosting facility.

Our miner hosting facility is up and running.You will find our prices to be amongst the best in the market.


We are also planning on entering blockchain development in the near future to take on Government services in rural communities (Voting, Registry, etc). Another development idea that we are currently entertaining is a blockchain registry for carbon offsets.

Mongolia is a peaceful democracy with a rich history and two giant neighbors. The renewable energy potential of Mongolia is immense and the industry is projected to grow rapidly in the coming years. Also our ancestors killed a lot of people in the past, sorry : (

Our Government has been very open towards the adoption of blockchain based technologies. The ministry of finance is even in the process of releasing a government bond that will be registered on the blockchain.

Cheers, Monbit Team

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