A BCH dev found the CVE vulnerability. It reminds of Cory Fields’ disclosure to BCH back in April. Though we may disagree on scaling, it’s good to step back and remember we both want the same thing: a better tomorrow.

Here is the essay from awemany, a BCH dev: https :// medium.com /@ awemany/ 600 -microseconds-b7 0f87b0b2a6

Here is Cory Fields statement on responsible disclosure: https :// medium.com/ mit-media-lab-digital-currency-initiative/ http-coryfields-com-cash-4 8a99b85aad4

I'm sure the goodwill Cory constructed back in April played a role as awemany mentioned him three times in the clause. “Its important” as you can see how awemany was conflicted about whether or not he should disclose, just as Cory Fields was.

But in the end, I am grateful to both parties for their responsible disclosures.

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