Videos from Baltic Honeybadger 2018 :)

Here are all of the Honeybadger 2018 talks, cut and categorized. There are some really nice masterpieces in here. Enjoy 😉

Tech The future of bitcoin smart contracts – Max Keidun Trustlessness, scalability and directions in certificate mannequins The bitcoin standard as a layered scaling mixture – Saifedean Ammous Beyond bitcoin: Decentralized collaboration – Yurii Rashkovskii The future of bitcoin billfolds Extreme OPSEC for the modern cypherpunk – Jameson Lopp Present and future tech invites in Bitcoin The future of lightning – Elizabeth Stark Scaling and capacity for bequest insurances organisations in the age of atomic swaps – Bruce Fenton Development committee Bitcoin insurance committee Bitcoin statistics and elementaries – Alex Petrov Business The substitute money inconsistency Tone Vays& Bruce Fenton on position of world markets Whalepanda, Tone Vays, Florian Maier, Matthew Mezinskis – Trading committee Paralelni Polis Investing in Bitcoin jobs Using Bitcoin for real estate The B foundation Satoshi portal Bitcoin custody – Bryan Bishop Bitcoin payment processing and merchants Bitcoin regulation board Bitcoin as a novel grocery institute – Nic Carter Bitcoin maximalism dissected – Giacomo Zucco Closing Panels Closing panel, date 1 Closing panel, daylight 2 brought forward by / u/ Winnis [ connect ] [ explains ]

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