POS app ‘Pay me with Bitcoin’ now supports Lightning Network ⚡(emphasis on Venezuela)

Hi all,

I have just updated the free POS app' Pay me with Bitcoin’ to support Lightning Network, with the help of OpenNode.co.

You can use USD, EUR, VEF and ARD as fiats monies along Bitcoin( more currencies coming ). No private keys are involved, so is ideal for business and places where employees wreak their own designs. The app are concentrated on Venezuelans because it exerts market value for Bolivar-Bitcoin conversions( powered by BitcoinVenezuela.com, and its sibling ONG ).

Availabe in Android and Windows 10( desktop and mobile ).

We have situated a lot of try into making this app. We hope to help people improve their lives with Bitcoin! Please help us by sharing the app with people who might find it useful!

You can read a bit more about the app in this affix: I made an app to charge with bitcoin aimed to shopkeepers( specifically Venezuelans ):

Thank you!

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