What are the different apps you can use to sweep bitcoin paper wallets?

I currently place bitcoin on paper pouches and intend to hold them for countless decades e.g. 40 years. When I eventually spend my bitcoin, I imagine bitcoin will be accepted everywhere, so there is no need to alter it back to fiat. I will simply spend it directly.

For general spend( principally separating lunch or coffee penalties, tipping dogecoin on reddit, etc ), I currently use both the Blockchain app and Coinomi app on my smartphone. Both these apps please allow me to range bitcoin( or multiple other crypto) from newspapers wallets into my phone for general expend.

However, when I “cash in” my bitcoin 40 years in the future, I am concerned that perhaps the Coinomi and Blockchain apps will not exist. What other billfolds or software out there allow you to sweep article pocketbooks? Is there a website that allows you to sweep paper wallets? Can a bitcoin sweeper application be accumulated offline on a USB alongside private keys?

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