With large institutional participants moving into the bitcoin space (BAKKT, Fidelity) and becoming involved in consensus mechanisms, will their love for KYC have implications for soft-forking new privacy features (Schnorr, MAST, Confidental TX’s etc)?

So it seems that “institutional investors” meme is slowly growing world now. In the future, they are able to view large amounts of client funds in bitcoin, have their own nodes, media existence and hence a resounding articulation in the bitcoin ecosystem. They likewise are subject to KYC and AML.

Given that fact, what might be their consequences for future be implemented privacy promoting engineering on the bitcoin etiquette, such as Schnorr, MAST, Confidental Transactions and others that I'm not aware of at the moment?

Will we potentially have a brand-new civil fighting with parts of the network wanting to have more privacy, and parts of it wanting to keep( or even ameliorate) the transparency of a public blockchain? How will the implementation processes was like, and will it stimulate resistance when such massive participates will utter their veto against on-chain privacy?

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