RECOMMENDED READING: Are watches the new bitcoin? 

Well, that’s the somewhat provoking entitlement of this segment by Alex Williams, which quotes several high-profile fames wearing high-ticket price antique fragments as the operator for this ever-rising tide. For people reading T+ T regularly, it’s the narration of ever-increasing payments on apparently innocuous sports watches. But, to give credence to the bitcoin hook in the entitlement, there’s a healthful dosage of qualified scepticism about the skyrocketing financing capability, and the risks that come with the payoffs. The most interesting part for me was the coda of prototypes to watch, which included the usual accuseds with a few interesting outliers. Are we ready for a Camaro boom? Speak the full commodity here. The upright RECOMMENDED READING: Are watches the brand-new bitcoin? loomed first on Time and Tide Watches .

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