Michigan Couple Claims They Captured a ‘Ghost’ on Nanny Cam After Baby Appears to Have Deep Scratches on Her Face – Yaho…

Somebody's got some ‘splaining to do after a couple's claims that scratches on their baby daughter's face were came as a result of a specter they filmed on nanny cam. In point, the young Couple Left Terrified After Filming Ghostly Figure On Baby Monitor. So we excavate around a bit online and concluded some images of these “scratches.” Strangely, they don't ogle so much better like scratches as they doA like a injury leftA from a hand. So while we agree this duo has got problems, we're not reassured a recurring is one of them and urge them to take a less esoteric approaching to the issue for their child's sake. On a lighter notation, Market Basket says accumulations are aEUR~ ghost-freeaEUR( tm) after reported sighting in Wilmington accumulation. Apparently management was less than exhilarated at their brand-new supernatural stature, and who can blame them? Supermarket is traumatic fairly without know … … if the person you're chatting with in line at the checkout is even there. So embarrassing.( CM)

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