Cool New Poster For THE MANDALORIAN, Name of the Ship, and Cool Description of the Character The Mandalorian


We’ve got a cool brand-new sign for The Mandalorian, and the last couple flakes of info from this morning’s panel at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. The posting above is extraordinary, and peculiarity Pedro Pascal as the Mandalorian in all his glorification.

The mentions of the specific characteristics were uncovered, and you can read about them here, but we also got the name of the ship that will be used in the serial. The Razorcrest. So cool.

And in a video that was taken down because it wasn’t supposed to exist, given the fact that merely the devotees at the panel were able to see the footage that was available, there was an awful mention by Jon Favreau wherein he described the character the Mandalorian as 😛 TAGEND

“A Gunfighter, Bounty Hunter, a citizen of the underworld on the outreaches of the galaxy.”

It just seems like every bit of info we get for the purposes of our sequence moves it sound all the more magnificent. The Mandalorian knocks Disney+ when the streaming service opens to the public on November 12.

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