I’m convinced we need bitcoin

I've held small amounts of bitcoin since 2014 and I liked it for the technology and the whole 'idea' of decentralisation. But today citibank closed my account for some random shit reason and the only warning they gave me was some email about a month ago which i missed since they send me roughly 1000 mails a month with 'important' credit card offers. It's extremely shitty that they can do this without even trying to contact me once on call or get a confirmation from me.

We need decentralisation and we need to own our private keys! I feel incredibly helpless that they are able to do this to me. Having said that they've mentioned that I'll be able to get my money transferred to some other account. So thankfully the amount I held there is safe at the moment.

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If you haven’t used the Bisq exchange (decentralized) you should give it a try

I recently downloaded the software and I have been very impressed so far. It is quite easy to install and setup.

Now that localbitcoins.com requires ID, this is the easiest way to buy bitcoin anonymously. It's also much less scammy.

Decentralized exchanges are the only way to prevent governments shutdowns and interference. Think BitTorrent for buying and selling Bitcoin.

I highly recommend trying out a small order so that you are familiar with how things work. The volume is quite low at the moment so this would help the network grow.

I am not affiliated with bisq in any way. Just trying to spread awareness that it's out there and that it works great.

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There Is Good in the World – You Just Need to See It

Sometimes it’s tough either going online and looking at your social feeds, or watching the news on TV, or picking up a newspaper.

Wars. Hate. Bigotry. Violence. Divisiveness. Fear. Anger.

There’s a lot of negativity, and a lot of people stoking the flames of that negativity.

So rampant is it, you’d be forgiven for thinking there are no more good people in the world. Or, fewer than there was when you were younger.

But you’d be wrong.

There is good. There is love. There is caring. There is all this and more – we just have to find it.

Then share it.

Then live it.

Do that, and we counter the hate and the fear with love and compassion.

That’s the world that’s truly out there. We just have to help it reach more eyes (click to expand images).

To the good people.

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Life Through a Dram Episode 4: We All Need Someone

This week my wife was rushed to the local ER after waking up at 4.00am with severe chest pains and breathing difficulties.

She had a bunch of tests – ECGs, scans, etc. – but nothing was really detected. The cardiologist thought it might be a heart murmur, but there's no history of that so that was ignored.

Thankfully, she's home now, but has to follow up to make sure everything's okay.

When I posted an update on Facebook, the reaction from both physical friends and digital ones reminded me why the world is better when we have someone in it with us, as I share in this episode.

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It costs just $68 to cover the entire canvas at satoshis.place. Post your suggestions below

Satoshis.Place is a public canvas that can be painted by anyone. Similar to reddit place except it cost 1 satoshi per pixel (paid over lightning network). There are 1 million pixels available so the cost to cover the entire thing would be about $68.

If there is enough interest and good ideas I will paint the whole canvas with a suitable image.

Some ideas:

– An r/bitcoin logo

– An ad for a worthy fundraiser or charity.

– QR code for worthy bitcoin donations (i.e. Andreas Antonopoulos).

– A message to other crypto communities.

Keep it simple and PG. I will try to do the background with a bot but the image itself I may need to do by hand (unless someone can write me a nice bot that will do complex images).

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Best BTC/crypto debit card

Of course everyone is interested in crypto as a speculative asset to make MOON gains and get lambos. I really am invested in crypto because I love the idea of fixed supply currency as well as me being the only one to control my own money. Due to where we are at adoption wise, it is still very difficult to avoid banks completely. However, I have been closing my accounts and transitioning to be completely bank free eventually. I would love if merchants would accept crypto directly and would not need this but for now I am searching for a debit card where I can spend my crypto asset holdings. I would really appreciate some recommendations of the lowest fee debit cards and ideally anonymous as well. Thanks for any and all input!

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Every time i use the legacy bank system i get reminded why Bitcoin is amazing

Having to go to the bank to send a wire and driving through traffic Having to fill out papers Having to answer questions why I am sending money and where it came from Having to pay $20 to send my money Being charged 3% for currency exchange Having to wait 3-5 business days for money to arrive

That's in Canada. In other places like Malaysia the bank systems are even more archaic.

Having to pay to get bank statements older than 3 months Having to wait 2 weeks to receive them (really!) Having to go to the branch to get most things done

Bitcoin removes all of these annoyances. If anyone asks why Bitcoin is worth anything… replacing these old, slow and inefficient banking systems with Bitcoin/LN is a huge improvement and worth a lot to society.

And I've barely scraped the surface of what it is changing for the world's unbanked and other use cases where current banks are annoyingly archaic.

When do you get annoyed at banks and how is Bitcoin going to change that for you?

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Cointelegraph Launches Job Listings Platform for the Blockchain, Crypto Industries

Cointelegraph is launching a listings platform for jobs in the crypto and Blockchain industries today at https://jobs.cointelegraph.com/.

Today, June 21, Cointelegraph is launching a listings platform for crypto and Blockchain-specific job opportunities.

Users can search for vacancies in the crypto and Blockchain industries globally, using category parameters and keywords to focus in on their interests.

Companies can also post listings to find the most competitive candidates for their needs.

Cointelegraph hopes the service will encourage new and valuable connections in an emerging industry that is seeing increasing investment and growth.

The service is currently in beta, let the creators know what you think at jobs@cointelegraph.com.

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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Adds Crypto Price Tracking to Research Database

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis will now be tracking the prices of BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH in its research database, using price data from Coinbase.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis will now be tracking the prices of four cryptocurrencies on their research database, according to a June 19 post on the bank’s website.

The database, called the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED), will now include the prices of Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) from as early as 2014 to the present. The prices will be updated daily with data obtained from U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange and wallet Coinbase.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has often been in the news for their research and statements about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. In January, a paper published by the bank gave an overall favorable assessment of crypto and blockchain use in the future. In mid-May, the president of the St. Louis Fed said in an interview that he didn’t rule out Bitcoin as a potential future threat to the dollar.

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Cointelegraph Launches Aggregator Platform for DApp Discovery, Analysis

Cointelegraph launches decentralized application aggregator and rankings at dapphub.cointelegraph.com.

Tuesday, June 19, Cointelegraph is announcing the launch of an aggregator for decentralized applications (DApps), DApphub, for easy discovery and analysis of the growing number of DApps in existence.

Cointelegraph’s DApphub allows crypto enthusiasts to view information about each DApp in one place, including a description, specifics about current status, developers, and popularity.

DApphub’s listings can be arranged according to various criteria, including their Ethereum (ETH) balance and number of users, to determine a given DApp’s popularity.

Any DApphub user can also submit a DApp to potentially be listed by filling out a submission form on the DApphub page.


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