Coinbase expands by opening shop in 11 new countries


Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges globally, is propelling its crypto-trading service in 11 new countries, the company announced Wednesday.

The full inventory of countries is as follows: Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, India, Hong kong citizens, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines and New Zealand.

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With these latest additions, Coinbase now substantiates 53 countries and domains across four continents.

The size of some of the markets involved make-ups this news very important for the crypto infinite. With the launch, Coinbase is opening up to a combined grocery of more than 2 billion people. Read more …

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Dark web review site Deep Dot Web used referrals links to earn millions


Referral tie-ups just got a whole lot edgier.

The dark web review site Deep Dot Web was taken down by law enforcement Tuesday, knocking offline a centralized repository of insight detailing how and where to orchestrate illegal drugs and goods online. It turns out, the Department of Justice revealed, that the operators of the site allegedly applied referral links to earn committees on all future sales obligated on linked websites.

For example, if you went to Deep Dot Web and concluded a link to the now-shuttered dark web market Wallstreet Market, formed an history, and then fixed acquires with that history, Deep Dot Web would supposedly pay a commission on that sale. All future purchases were restrained back to that original referral associate. Read more …

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Dark web drug market ‘Wallstreet Market’ seized by German police


It's hard out there for executives of illegal nighttime entanglement business trying to steal their users' cryptocurrency in conciliation.

Barely a week after Wallstreet Market — one of the largest remaining illegal online marketplaces in the vein of the Silk Road — went into a suspicious upkeep mode, German authorities have impounded the site and detained its alleged hustlers. Oh, and law enforcement says the three types now in custody not only ran the area, but were in the processes of exit-scamming when they were busted.

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Flailing Japanese Brokerage Giant Monex Courts Bitcoin for its Survival

By One of Japan’s largest online brokerages, Monex, may soon permit retail investors to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on its platform. Monex claims the move into cryptocurrency will help claw back its diminish market share. Speaking to Bloomberg, Monex Security chairwoman Yuko Seimei said: “We’ve fallen a little behind — we can’t deny that … If we hinder doing things the way “were having”, we may not be able to close the gap.” Monex: Banking on Bitcoin? Monex was once the leading online brokerage in Japan, but its market share has been ingested away by contenders SBI and Rakuten,

A dark-web market implodes, and users expect the worst


Another one morsels the dust. Probably.

The dark-web marketplace Wallstreet Market has for some time now been an online place to buy pharmaceuticals, plagiarized data sets, and other illicit goods and services with cryptocurrency. Now, with the market presumably down “for maintenance, ” useds are crying exit swindle and accusing those who loped the area of representing off with their stores.

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A visit to the site, accessible via the Tor browser, supports perturbed dealers and past patrons with a claim that it will return April 25.

“We irregularly do maintenance, to provide a flawless and cozy pulpit for our useds( purchasers as well as dealers) at any time, ” predicts written notice plastered across the site's front page. “To make this possible, we need to work on our servers instantly now and then. The maintenance is usually done quite fast.” Read more …

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Speak Out: Unmasking the True Creator of Bitcoin

Who do you think Satoshi Nakamoto really is? Share your opinion in the comments!

Within the past week, a few crypto exchanges — including Kraken and Binance — have delisted bitcoin SV. The following decisions were mostly spawned based on Craig Wright’s recited public statements that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Since bitcoin first developed, “theres been” countless hypothesis and quarrel about who the true, original designer of the most important cryptocurrency actually is.

At various stations, internet users from around the world have suggested that Satoshi could be Vitalik Buterin, Nick Szabo, Hal Finney and David Kleiman.

Today, we invite “youve got to” share your opinion on the subject. Reply in the comments below!

A hacker is demanding ransom for hundreds of stolen Git code repositories

Late last week, a intruder pilfer data regarding hundreds of Git code repositories and is comprising everything there is for ransom on their servers, is in danger of freeing code to the public if affected owners don’t pay up. GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab useds who reported that their system had disappeared attained the following ransom note in its region 😛 TAGEND

“To rally your lost system and eschew divulging it: Mail us 0.1 Bitcoin( BTC) to our Bitcoin address ES1 4c7qLb5CYhLMUekctxLgc1FV2Ti9DA and contact us by Email at admin @gitsbackup. com with your Git login and a Proof of Payment. If you are unsure if we have your data, contact us and we will send you a proof. Your system is downloaded and backed up on our servers. If we dont receive your pay in the next 10 Epoch, we will…

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Police just took down a massive dark web marketplace in Germany

A Europol-led police action has arrested three parties who had reportedly raced the Wall Street Market, supposedly the world’s second-largest “dark web” mart. Arbiters likewise grabbed the site’s servers and more than EUR5 50,000( around $615,000) in money, plus Bitcoin and Monero “in six-digit amounts, ” which could add up to a huge summing-up.( A single bitcoin currently trades for $5,700 and Monero trade for around $65.)

The detains were part of Europol’s “Dark Web Team” procedures, and they were the latest in a fibre of dark web grocery repressions. As German police detained the Wall Street Market supposes, Finnish law enforcement agencies grabbed another mart known as Silkkitie or Valhalla, and American police detained two suspect high-volume drug…

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Bitcoin dealer gets two-year prison sentence for unlicensed cryptocurrency exchange

A 22 -year-old man has been sentenced to two years in prison for selling unlicensed bitcoins. His crime was operating a bitcoin exchange without registering with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the US Department of Treasury.

Jacob Burrell Campos, a American citizen and Mexico resident, has been held in custody without indemnity since August 2018. He pleaded guilty in October 2018, admitting that he utilized no anti-money cleaning measurements and didn’t check up on details about his the consumers and where their coin came from.

Burrell wasn’t accused of explicitly committing criminal activities such as embezzling or scamming patients, but simply having an unlicensed exchange was enough to earn him two years in prison. Burrell advertised his…

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Speak Out: Predicting Bitcoin’s Price

Share your predictions in comments and prevail our branded hoodie!

Last week, Bitcoin skyrocketed to $5,000 within just a few hours, divulging the three-month stagnation. But have we already had participated in the bull market? What should we expect next month? Today, we invite you to share your Bitcoin price prognosis. And this time, our readers have a chance to win a soft heated branded hoodie from our accumulate! Delight had pointed out that you only have 48 hours to leave your remark below. The person whose prediction is the closest to Bitcoin’s price on May 1, 2019( 12 PM EDT) will get the honour. Good fluke everyone!