Coinbase expands by opening shop in 11 new countries


Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges globally, is propelling its crypto-trading service in 11 new countries, the company announced Wednesday.

The full inventory of countries is as follows: Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, India, Hong kong citizens, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines and New Zealand.

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With these latest additions, Coinbase now substantiates 53 countries and domains across four continents.

The size of some of the markets involved make-ups this news very important for the crypto infinite. With the launch, Coinbase is opening up to a combined grocery of more than 2 billion people. Read more …

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Dark web review site Deep Dot Web used referrals links to earn millions


Referral tie-ups just got a whole lot edgier.

The dark web review site Deep Dot Web was taken down by law enforcement Tuesday, knocking offline a centralized repository of insight detailing how and where to orchestrate illegal drugs and goods online. It turns out, the Department of Justice revealed, that the operators of the site allegedly applied referral links to earn committees on all future sales obligated on linked websites.

For example, if you went to Deep Dot Web and concluded a link to the now-shuttered dark web market Wallstreet Market, formed an history, and then fixed acquires with that history, Deep Dot Web would supposedly pay a commission on that sale. All future purchases were restrained back to that original referral associate. Read more …

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Dark web drug market ‘Wallstreet Market’ seized by German police


It's hard out there for executives of illegal nighttime entanglement business trying to steal their users' cryptocurrency in conciliation.

Barely a week after Wallstreet Market — one of the largest remaining illegal online marketplaces in the vein of the Silk Road — went into a suspicious upkeep mode, German authorities have impounded the site and detained its alleged hustlers. Oh, and law enforcement says the three types now in custody not only ran the area, but were in the processes of exit-scamming when they were busted.

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A dark-web market implodes, and users expect the worst


Another one morsels the dust. Probably.

The dark-web marketplace Wallstreet Market has for some time now been an online place to buy pharmaceuticals, plagiarized data sets, and other illicit goods and services with cryptocurrency. Now, with the market presumably down “for maintenance, ” useds are crying exit swindle and accusing those who loped the area of representing off with their stores.

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A visit to the site, accessible via the Tor browser, supports perturbed dealers and past patrons with a claim that it will return April 25.

“We irregularly do maintenance, to provide a flawless and cozy pulpit for our useds( purchasers as well as dealers) at any time, ” predicts written notice plastered across the site's front page. “To make this possible, we need to work on our servers instantly now and then. The maintenance is usually done quite fast.” Read more …

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China wants to ban Bitcoin mining, report claims


China plans to put an end to cryptocurrency mining in the country, Reuters reported Tuesday quoting a “draft list of industrial activities” China's state planning agency inspects to put a stop on.

The decision doesn't appear to be final — the National Development and Reform Commission( NDRC) is trying public opinions on a revised directory of industries that will either be encouraged, restricted or eliminated. Bitcoin now precipitates in that last category.

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According to Reuters, the NDRC didn't cause a time or any details on how, accurately, Bitcoin mining should be eliminated — but that would mean that Bitcoin mining is to cease immediately. Read more …

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Elon Musk says Dogecoin is his favorite cryptocurrency


Elon Musk has a new favorite cryptocurrency.

On Tuesday, after being( jokingly) announced out as a selected candidates to become the CEO of Dogecoin, the Tesla CEO like to remind you that Dogecoin is “his favorite currency.”

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Here's the full exchange.

Dogecoin might be my fav cryptocurrency. It's pretty cool.

— Elon Musk (@ elonmusk) April 2, 2019

Started as a joke but with a similar functionality as Bitcoin, Dogecoin has amassed a steadfast following which nourishes a curious sense of humour, something Musk is known for. In a last-minute tweet, Musk posted a Dogecoin meme, saying the cryptocurrency “rulz”( internet lingo for rules, which means that it's immense ). Read more …

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Bitcoin surges, hitting $5,000 for the first time this year


Bitcoin has been in a lull in recent months. The largest cryptocurrency's expenditure retained worsening throughout 2018, lastly attaining a foot at approximately $3,200 last-place December. Since then, it's been a gradual and uncertain climb upwards.

On Tuesday, however, the cost of Bitcoin tided more than 15% in less than an hour. The rate briefly outperformed $5,000 on some exchanges, but is now gradually waning and currently sits at $4680, according to CoinMarketCap.

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Bitcoin's price is known to be volatile, but this upsurge is noticeable as Bitcoin hasn't come close to $ 5,000 since November 2018. Furthermore, the abrupt rise brings back recognitions of 2017, when such gargantuan price increases were nothing out of the ordinary. Read more …

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Tech CEO wants to ‘overthrow some corrupt dictators’ and that’s totally normal


Look, we all have reveries, but this is various kinds of a good deal, even for a cryptocurrency billionaire.

An April 2 Q& A livestream peculiarity none other than Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong briefly shifted into the absurd when the 36 -year-old told observers that he'd adore it if his fellowship could help topple some governments. Yes, you read that accurately.

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Armstrong was responding to a apparently innocuous question from Telegram about the company's most ambitious plans. Patently, the co-founder of a company dedicated to creating an “open fiscal plan for the world” doesn't make small-time. Read more …

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The trailer for ‘CRYPTO’ just dropped, and cryptocurrency is good now


With all the exit victimizes, weird meat obsessions, and cantankerous fan-boy culture, the world of cryptocurrency is kind of a lag. And that's without even touching on the current and continue bear market.

But all that has changed, denizens of the internet. Cryptocurrency is good now, and we owe it all to the trailer for the upcoming crypto-themed action movie starring none other than Snake Plissken himself. Say hello to CRYPTO, the cinema that, like its eponymous subject matter, features a assortment of schmucks contending over bullshit and terrible certificate patterns.

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Cryptography experts are already laughing at ‘Facebook Coin’


Facebook's rumored cryptocurrency projection hasn't even launched, and more it's already a punchline for the tens of thousands of security professionals, cryptographers, and researchers gathered at the annual RSA discussion.

On March 5, in the San Francisco Moscone Center, the fiercely apprehended Cryptographers' Panel convened to discuss the future of cryptography, the internet, and e-commerce. Of track cryptocurrency came up, with a mention of the so-called Facebook Coin extorting perhaps the most difficult shriek of the talk.

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Speaking of the problems inherent in putting even great research ideas into practice, panelist and cryptography professional Paul Kocher( known for , among other things, co-discovering Spectre) told attendees that the blockchain only draws things trickier. Read more …

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